How to Become a Powerful Chief in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is the most popular strategy making games on the iOS and the Android platforms. The game simulates an empire that you control against players from all around the globe, for excellence.

Here are some tips to help you become a great Chief in Clash of Clans. You can also head on over and download Jorge’s Clash of Clans guide to get more in-depth guides and strategies to help you conquer in Clash of Clans.

Reserve Gems For Builders: Never use gems for any other purpose than getting new builders, the game focuses on empire building and time taking upgrades, which means the more builders you have the faster you grow. So, invest your precious gems on builders.

Slowly Upgrade your Townhall: Townhall upgrade greatly reduces your loot, try to maximize the level of defence walls and other items before you upgrade your townhall. A higher townhall will get you tougher opponents and reduced loot. Take your time on each level.

The Cheaper The Better: There is a great variance in the cost of units in the game. Try to master the use of cheap units. If you learn to use the cheap units, it becomes very easy to loot resources and progress in the game.

Avoid Spells: Spells are very costly compared to units. It is strongly recommended to avoid the use of spells in day-to-day raids. You should use all the spells you have in a Clan War attack to ensure your victory.

Place The Spells Smartly: Every spell has a circle, try to place the centre of the circle towards the direction you expect your troops to move, while placing the troops at the edge. This ensures full utilization of the spell.

Start Early Attacks: Looting other people is easier than collecting resources. It is strongly recommended to drop your shield and loot the other opponents to speed up the resource accumulation. At early levels, these collectors are often exposed, giving you an early lead.

Donate And Receive: Clash of Clans is a team game with individual performers. Try to donate to your clan members and make sure you request for troops every 20 minutes when you are online. An extra army of 10% always helps. If you are lucky, your clan members will give you some very powerful troops too.

Find the right opponent: There are two types of attacks, trophy gains and resource collection. The first one is called pushing and the second one is called farming. When you are farming, use cheaper troops and attack bases with filled resource collectors that are placed outside. When pushing, make sure that the townhall is outside, so that you never lose an attack.

Clan Castle at the center: While Supercell tells you to place the Townhall at the centre, it is now proven that the best bases are those, which have the clan castle at the heart. It is also recommended to ask for defensive troops with splash damage like wizards, witches for a better protection.

These are a few recommendations, for more details you may look for clash of clans guides on this website: CoCSource clash of clans strategy.

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