How To Choose The Best Home Fitness Equipment For You


Getting to the gym can take a lot of time away, and if you are like most people it really isn’t possible to get there. That’s why the home fitness market has been exploding the past few years.

It’s great to know that you can get a great workout by just using a few pieces of home exercise equipment. No need to find a babysitter for the kids just so you can get to the gym.

You can purchase all the equipment that is usually found at the gym, but come on…who wants that much stuff in the way?

Treadmills are a popular favorite piece of equipment that is usually found in the home and that’s due to the fact they can be used by beginners or even seasoned veterans.

If you don’t want to take up the space needed for a treadmill then you do have a lot of other options depending on your fitness level.

Yes, that’s correct…you need to first determine your personal level of fitness. Are you just getting started? Seasoned veteran? Kind of in the middle?

After you determine your level of fitness then you can choose a few different types of equipment you know you would use. What’s the point of a treadmill if you know you won’t use it?

I personally like resistance bands. Resistance bands are great if you want something you can use for travel and can even be great for physical therapy as well. Another great thing about bands is that they are pretty cheap too. You need to know which type of resistance band you need…are you wanting the long ones with handles or do you want the resistance loop bands for exercise? The loop bands are just that, small bands mostly used with therapy and lower body exercises.

If you aren’t into the whole resistance band thing and want to pump some iron then you might want to get a set of dumbbells. These don’t take a lot of room and can be very versatile as well.

If you have a lot of room available you might want to go big. That is purchase a complete home gym. You see these things all over the TV and on the internet. Home gyms are typically pretty expensive but can easily do many different things. A good example of a complete home gym is a Bowflex.

Another popular choice for equipment is a balance ball. These can have many different names like exercise ball, balance ball, stability ball, etc. A popular use is to combine them with resistance bands to get a better workout. You can also get one of these and use it instead of your office chair in the office! They help strengthen your core which is great since sitting all day kinda destroys your core. When searching for a good one make sure to check out the top balance balls.

Anyway, those are a few things to get you on the way to finding the right equipment for your home. Take my suggestions and really think about what types of home gym equipment you would use and then go use them.

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