How to Become a Powerful Chief in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is the most popular strategy making games on the iOS and the Android platforms. The game simulates an empire that you control against players from all around the globe, for excellence.

Here are some tips to help you become a great Chief in Clash of Clans. You can also head on over and download Jorge’s Clash of Clans guide to get more in-depth guides and strategies to help you conquer in Clash of Clans.

Reserve Gems For Builders: Never use gems for any other purpose than getting new builders, the game focuses on empire building and time taking upgrades, which means the more builders you have the faster you grow. So, invest your precious gems on builders.

Slowly Upgrade your Townhall: Townhall upgrade greatly reduces your loot, try to maximize the level of defence walls and other items before you upgrade your townhall. A higher townhall will get you tougher opponents and reduced loot. Take your time on each level.

The Cheaper The Better: There is a great variance in the cost of units in the game. Try to master the use of cheap units. If you learn to use the cheap units, it becomes very easy to loot resources and progress in the game.

Avoid Spells: Spells are very costly compared to units. It is strongly recommended to avoid the use of spells in day-to-day raids. You should use all the spells you have in a Clan War attack to ensure your victory.

Place The Spells Smartly: Every spell has a circle, try to place the centre of the circle towards the direction you expect your troops to move, while placing the troops at the edge. This ensures full utilization of the spell.

Start Early Attacks: Looting other people is easier than collecting resources. It is strongly recommended to drop your shield and loot the other opponents to speed up the resource accumulation. At early levels, these collectors are often exposed, giving you an early lead.

Donate And Receive: Clash of Clans is a team game with individual performers. Try to donate to your clan members and make sure you request for troops every 20 minutes when you are online. An extra army of 10% always helps. If you are lucky, your clan members will give you some very powerful troops too.

Find the right opponent: There are two types of attacks, trophy gains and resource collection. The first one is called pushing and the second one is called farming. When you are farming, use cheaper troops and attack bases with filled resource collectors that are placed outside. When pushing, make sure that the townhall is outside, so that you never lose an attack.

Clan Castle at the center: While Supercell tells you to place the Townhall at the centre, it is now proven that the best bases are those, which have the clan castle at the heart. It is also recommended to ask for defensive troops with splash damage like wizards, witches for a better protection.

These are a few recommendations, for more details you may look for clash of clans guides on this website: CoCSource clash of clans strategy.

How To Determine The Best Sewing Machine For Your Needs

Choosing your very first sewing machine is a wise decision, and it will allow you to create a large variety of beautiful and fun items. Sewing your own items at home will not only save you a ton of money, but it’s also a relaxing hobby that gives the person sewing a sense of satisfaction once a project is complete. Your sewing machine can also be given to later generations of the family; therefore it’s wise to pick the best one. I have found that one of the best machines is the juki exceed hzl-f600. This is not only a great beginner machine but awesome for pros as well.

As long as you have your sewing patterns, a main idea of how to sew, and some other needed sewing supplies, you can turn a simple piece of fabric into beautiful works of art. If you have made the decision to purchase your first sewing machine, you need to choose the one that will best fit your needs.

Choosing Your First Sewing Machine

Making a final decision on the sewing machine for you is a personal process. You are the only one that knows exactly what you want and need, and everyone will have a different opinion about different sewing machines. The best place to begin would be deciding on the price of sewing machine you would like to purchase, as there are many different types and sizes that range in price. You can keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed by looking in a set budget. Try searching for discounted or clearance sewing machines, as you will be able to get everything you need in the machine at a better price.

The next thing you need to look for in a sewing machine is whether or not it will work for your level of skill and your needs. There are thousands of brands, types and functions that you should consider when looking for your sewing machine. If you are beginner, you may want to keep your choice towards something that is a little more basic and simple. If you are a level higher than this, your choice might be better for more sophisticated juki sewing machines. Although these are a little more expensive than a basic machine, you may be able to find them marked down or at a discount.

Tips for Finding the Right Sewing Machine

Although a lot of sewing machines are virtually alike in many ways, there are some that will require you to purchase other accessories. When you are making your decision on a sewing machine, it’s important that you learn as much as you can about the brand, type and size that you are looking into buying. Be sure that before you make your final purchase that the accessories it needs are simple to use and easy to replace if needed.

When you have finally found the sewing machine that you want, learned about its functions and use and purchased all of the necessary accessories, you can buy the sewing machine. It’s a big investment that comes with great benefits, but it can also be a little daunting to actually make the purchase. As long as you follow these above requirements, you will be pleased with your new machine and have a lot of fun creating new projects.

How Do Hip And Joint Supplements Benefit Your Dog?

Our dogs are our best friends and they tend to be very playful. This is a great indicator that the dog is healthy and living a great quality of life. But there are times when playfulness can be short because of some conditions that they may develop at some time during their lives. Some of these conditions that are most common to affect Rover or Susie are those involving their joints and hips such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. What to give dogs with arthritis might be a question you have been asking. There are a lot of different things to help but glucosamine for dogs is the most popular.

Problems with hips and joints

Yes, dogs do get arthritis, although there are some breeds of dogs that are more likely to develop these conditions that others. Dog owners might decide to use a hip or joint supplement for dogs to help protect their pets from developing these problems. But, it is best to talk to your vet first. He or she will probably advise that yes supplements can benefit your dogs but the vet knows which ones are the best.

Talk to your vet

Your dogs can benefit greatly from taking a hip and joint supplement if he or she belongs to one of the large dog breeds such as Labrador Retriever, Saint Bernard, German Shepherd and Great Dane. These large breeds are most prone to develop hip dysplasia which is a condition that characterized by the abnormal growth of the hip-joint. This can cause pain that is intense in your pet, affecting his quality of life negatively. Asking your vet to advice on a hip and joint supplement that might reduce the severity or the symptoms of this condition since these supplements usually are made from compounds or ingredients that help to protect the dog’s joints and connective tissues from damage and they will probably say yes. These compounds include glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate.

One/Third receive vitamins or supplements

As many as a third of dogs in the United States might receive vitamins or supplements. The most common are the supplement to support arthritic joints, multivitamins, and fatty acids to reduce shedding as well as improving a coat’s shine according to a 2006 study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Owners of dogs also might give probiotics to improve gastrointestinal difficulties or antioxidants to offset any effects of aging such as ‘cognitive dysfunction’. Dogs when aging develop some of the exact problems that their owners develop when aging.


Dogs also have another problem that also affects the general public – obesity and overweight. With all of these problems affecting Fido, the market for dog supplements was expected to increase 37 percent in 2012, and in 2012 it did reach a $1.7 billion market.

Your dog might even have a veterinary nutritionist who gives diet advice on your dogs as well as vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Balanced Diet

Most dogs get a balanced diet, including necessary vitamins and minerals from commercially processed dog food; the problem is that owner might be feeding them too much thus leading to obesity. This obesity can cause problems with joints in our doggie friends as well as heart problems! First our kids and now our animals!

How To Choose The Best Home Fitness Equipment For You


Getting to the gym can take a lot of time away, and if you are like most people it really isn’t possible to get there. That’s why the home fitness market has been exploding the past few years.

It’s great to know that you can get a great workout by just using a few pieces of home exercise equipment. No need to find a babysitter for the kids just so you can get to the gym.

You can purchase all the equipment that is usually found at the gym, but come on…who wants that much stuff in the way?

Treadmills are a popular favorite piece of equipment that is usually found in the home and that’s due to the fact they can be used by beginners or even seasoned veterans.

If you don’t want to take up the space needed for a treadmill then you do have a lot of other options depending on your fitness level.

Yes, that’s correct…you need to first determine your personal level of fitness. Are you just getting started? Seasoned veteran? Kind of in the middle?

After you determine your level of fitness then you can choose a few different types of equipment you know you would use. What’s the point of a treadmill if you know you won’t use it?

I personally like resistance bands. Resistance bands are great if you want something you can use for travel and can even be great for physical therapy as well. Another great thing about bands is that they are pretty cheap too. You need to know which type of resistance band you need…are you wanting the long ones with handles or do you want the resistance loop bands for exercise? The loop bands are just that, small bands mostly used with therapy and lower body exercises.

If you aren’t into the whole resistance band thing and want to pump some iron then you might want to get a set of dumbbells. These don’t take a lot of room and can be very versatile as well.

If you have a lot of room available you might want to go big. That is purchase a complete home gym. You see these things all over the TV and on the internet. Home gyms are typically pretty expensive but can easily do many different things. A good example of a complete home gym is a Bowflex.

Another popular choice for equipment is a balance ball. These can have many different names like exercise ball, balance ball, stability ball, etc. A popular use is to combine them with resistance bands to get a better workout. You can also get one of these and use it instead of your office chair in the office! They help strengthen your core which is great since sitting all day kinda destroys your core. When searching for a good one make sure to check out the top balance balls.

Anyway, those are a few things to get you on the way to finding the right equipment for your home. Take my suggestions and really think about what types of home gym equipment you would use and then go use them.